Website Retirement
Reminder! The process to discontinue the legacy web applications sync.scavatec.com and app.timeclock-sync.io has begun. For additional information please refer to our official announcement.

You can find the new website at https://app.mytoolr.com. Please update your bookmarks! Starting on August 29th this page will redirect to the new application.
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Do I use my same account login?

Yes, your account username and password are the same for the new application.

Will my existing historical data be available through the new website?

Yes, the new version of the website has access to the exact same data you are currently using.

What if the website or mobile application is missing a feature I depend on?

We have done our best to ensure all features are available through the new applications. If we are missing a feature you require please contact our support team.

What extra steps will I need to take to move to the new website?

If all of your devices are running the latest version of the Toolr Time Clock Sync mobile application you do not need to take any extra steps. All of your data will continue to sync and be accessible through the new website.

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